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Have you ever felt like you've struck gold - by God's grace, a lot of advice, teamwork and help - I've felt that in my lifetime.
Signage work is a bit like that for me - there's the allure for the designer that, with little or no effort - the packages we use
on an every day computer can be used to generate pay dirt! In keeping with my play on truisms elsewhere on this site,
I guess I need to note that all that glitters is not gold.

Underneath some of the images below is a story of the blood, sweat and tears related to those positive
images - they show results of working hard in the Sydney and Melbourne design & sign industry.
All of the images below will have 'hover links' that explain more.

Having raved on enough above - if you want any more details you can see more recent work at the website
of the company I'm now with, just email me for the link or just a chat!

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