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Signage ....or sign design has become a large component of my life.
You'll see lots of good examples of my own design and also some of others linked to this page.
This comes from teaching, promoting, designing in and ultimately enjoying this branch of design work.
Have more of a look at the 'signage wall'.

For mine, it's not simply a easy way to make a buck as a designer - it's also about responsible brand management, even to the point of
environmental manufacturing. (click on images below for more examples). Sure, signs change regularly and businesses move on yet,
a well managed program does more in its impact than just the visual - all sorts of things like ethics of waste come into play ie.
putting up good graphics with minimal mistakes.

Having raved on enough above - if you want any more details you can see more recent work at the following
website - for the company I'm now with:
MetroSigns / LEDMedia or email me for a portfolio or just a chat!

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