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The Art of waiting 2-3 years - in Australia, or 3 - 6 months in Europe to see your next creation is half
the fun of good product design. There's also the sleepless nights, constant revisions, time pressures
and all-round project hell that makes it a tough yet rewarding profession.

This is my main area of expertise and my passion - similar to signage - it is something that is endlessly attractive
to the mind. Design champion Raymond Lowey once trumpeted - "never leave well enough alone"; well, there's the fine
balance to the common sense approach of.. 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'.
Hopefully the links & images above give you an indication of the areas of experience I've had...
High and Low volume manufacture and facilitating responsible creation of stuff that lasts. ...a full portfolio is visible at:linkedin or request an email!

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