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Creativity Is something we were all born to do - whether we like it or not. There's something wonderfully cathartic
about being able to take something you enjoy doing for work as elements of a hobby as well....

Please find linked below (click on the images) some examples of joining together 'mucking around with graphics
packages' and the joy of writing:

Every now and then we get time to 'unload' our mind a little this way - you should try it!! can click
on the images to view larger versions - you will need flash for some of them (- in case you think the links are not
working for you).
The main key though, is something I learned at Uni - just to relax and use what essential elements are around and
about to express what's on your mind - whether it be a almost defunct computer like mine or butchers paper and
charcoal. You'll find charcoal is much more fun - and readily available after a camp fire.
bon voyage!
FOR MORE in the poetic vein - feel free to trip to my WordPress page - started mid 2015 -- > Sermons from the Wasteland
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